Grind coffee beans at home

Coffee is one of the most popular and loved beverages in the world. Freshly roasted and ground coffee bean can elevate the coffee drinking experience to another level. This process is normally carried out by coffee shops and specialised coffee powder retailers, who have the roasting and grinding machinery, where you can buy freshly grounded coffee powder. But for very small quantities, we can even roast and grind the coffee beans at home, by following these simple steps.

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    Heat a heavy-bottom pan over a low flame and add the green coffee beans to it.

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    Now roast the beans by continuously stirring with a ladle for 15-20 mins or till the time the beans are completely and uniformly roasted.

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    Transfer them to a slotted steel sieve and shake it to remove the chaff. Once done, allow the beans to cool off.

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    Transfer the roasted beans to a dry mixer and grind the coffee beans in 3 bursts of 30 seconds each.

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    Store it in a jar and enjoy homemade coffee this Christmas & New Years!


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