About Dishcovery

With over 90 years of experience in the Indian food industry, MTR brings to you Dishcovery, a platform housing authentic vegetarian recipes from all across India.

Dishcovery isn’t about quick-fix breakfast ideas or the mix-n-match Indo-Western menu card prevalent in every household. Instead, it is an effort to record and safekeep the authentic secrets of Indian cuisines that have invigorated taste buds for centuries. It is about that one extra ingredient that a grandmother uses in her immaculate Sambhar, or that finely chopped garlic that you never knew existed in your mother’s Missi Roti.

Through this platform, we aim at bringing the multi-cuisined India to your kitchen. Be it ingredient history or an old earthen pot recipe, Dishcovery—the tell-all of kitchen tales—is just what you need by your side when you are cooking to please.

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While inspiring effortless cooking at home, we also enhance your culinary experience with these special features:

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