How to make fluffy rice

Making fragrant and fluffy rice day after day is a task best left to the experts. Or so we thought. Now get your plain rice just right!

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    Soak rice

    Wash rice in fresh water at least 4 times and soak it for 30 mins. This helps the rice grains expand to their maximum length and also makes them less brittle. Drain the water and set aside.

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    Boil water and add spices

    Meanwhile, in a vessel, bring water to a boil. Add salt, a tejpatta, elaichi and laung for flavour.

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    Add rice to water

    When the water boils along with the whole spices for a minute, add the drained rice to it along with a teaspoon of ghee and lime juice or vinegar. While the ghee prevents the grains from sticking, the lime juice or vinegar makes it whiter and firmer.

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    Spread the rice

    When the rice is almost cooked—it takes about 8-9 minutes—drain immediately and spread in a wide-mouthed vessel like a paraat (used for kneading dough) or a big rice plate. This prevents the steam from softening the rice further and overcooking it.

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    Transfer into bowl

    Remove the whole spices and bay leaf. Transfer the rice to a bowl once the steam has escaped and keep it covered till you serve.

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