• 4 dishes to mark the onset of the harvest festival Lohri

    The promise of a golden harvest and joy of Lohri is in the air. Amidst the freezing cold weather, you would be amazed to find the high level of enthusiasm among the local natives for this particular festival. But why limit it to only locals when we are here to bring in an opportunity for food lovers across India to partake in the celebration?

    Check out these 4 mouth-watering recipes you can whip up to mark the onset of Lohri.

    Gobhi Pakoda

    The tender cauliflower florets are coated with the besan batter and deep-fried till perfection. For the ultimate eating pleasure, dip the pakoda in mint chutney before eating.

    Ganne Ki Kheer

    The sacred Ganne ki Kheer is that one particular recipe prepared in most of the rural parts of Punjab to celebrate all auspicious occasions and is also a winter-special recipe.

    Til Gud Ki Patti

    Munchies are a major part of any festivities, Lohri especially. Til Gud Ki Patti is one such sugary delight that you can savour with a steaming cup of tea on a cold winter night.

    Sarson Da Saag

    Sarson da Saag is a winter staple in most traditional Punjabi kitchens. Savoured with the crispy and rich makki ki roti with generous dollops of ghee and gud on the side, Saag is the perfect way to celebrate Lohri in its true Punjabi spirit.

    Seasonal foods like jaggery, gajak, popcorn, puffed rice and sesame seeds are offered as a way of paying gratitude to Mother Nature and are shared with loved ones post all the festivities. So, bring in the joy of Lohri to your kitchen with Dishcovery.

    Recipes below:

    Gobhi Pakoda: http://www.dishcovery.in/recipes/gobhi-pakoda
    Ganne ki Kheer: http://www.dishcovery.in/recipes/ganne-ki-kheer
    Til Gud ki Patti: http://www.dishcovery.in/recipes/til-gud-ki-patti
    Sarson da Saag: http://www.dishcovery.in/recipes/sarson-da-saag

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